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Overview of the New EU Regulation on Vehicle Emissions & Battery Durability

The Partnership between CITA and VERT®

A new CITA member from China: CCIC

A new CITA member from Italy: SNAP NT

FISEVI 2024: Advancing Child Road Safety in Latin America

A new CITA member from Italy: TEXA

A new CITA member from Spain: CERTIFIX

Vietnam Register’s Visit to CITA in Brussels

CITA TA Meetings in La Coruña: A Comprehensive Overview

Unlocking the Challenges of Rural Roads Safety in the EU

CITA Topic Area D and E meetings in Stuttgart

Recap of the 14th VERT Forum and NPTI Workshop, EMPA 2024

CITA Annual Report 2023

A new CITA member from Germany: Dürr Assembly Products GmbH

A new CITA member from Lithuania: carVertical

EU Sets Ambitious Air Quality Standards for 2030: A Leap Towards Zero Pollution

86th session of the ITC

Personal Mobility Devices Inspection Manual

“Greenway Academy”

Insights from the ‘Date of the First MOT, Test Consultation Response’

New tools for CITA Members

The Critical Role of Motorcycle Inspections in Enhancing Road Safety & Environmental Protection

A new CITA member from China: CAERI

2023 WHO Road Safety Report: A Leap Forward with Vehicle Inspection

A message from Henk

CITA NewsRelease – October 2023

6th international PTI workshop

AECA-ITV Annual Congress in Barcelona

Japanese delegation visits GOCA Vlaanderen and CITA for PTI talks

CITA Recommendation no. 26: Suspension Testing

Mr. Aitor Retes: The New CITA Secretary General

Vehicle Inspection and Society: Beyond Technology.

A new CITA Corporate Member: UNIMETAL

FISITA World Mobility Summit 2023

CITA AVIS Scoring Manual

Automotive supply value chain calls for a swift adoption of EU7 regulation

End-of-life vehicles EU Regulation

“Future of PTI” seminar in Slovakia

Germany introduces PN measurement for Euro 6/VI diesel vehicles

A new CITA Corporate Member: MAHLE

The Importance of PTI

17th Road Safety Performance Index Report by ETSC

Revision 1 of the CITA position paper on EVs

Multilateral MoU for the Safety of Future Mobility

“PTI Policies”

“Rethinking Mobility” to promote a safer mobility in Uruguay

NewsRelease – May 2023

The benefits of safety inspection in the US

A new CITA member from India

Uruguay: UN Global Road Safety Week

Road safety in LAC: after a decade of action prospects for safer mobility

Assuring Regulatory Compliance of Connected and Automated Vehicles during their Operational Lifetime

A new CITA Corporate member

A new CITA member from Italy

CITA open letter delivered to Mrs. Von der Leyen

EU Commission recommendation on PN measurement for PTI

CITA TAs hybrid meetings in Pristina

WP.29’s 70th anniversary

Open letter to the President of the EU Commission

A new CITA member from Belgium

CITA Annual Report 2022

A new CITA member from Italy

The 85th plenary session of ITC

CITA’s view on EU VII

Registration is open!

Euro 7 standards: the new rules for vehicle emissions by the EC

CITA RAG Africa conference

“Para una moviliad segura, sostenible y saludable”

NewsRelease – October 2022

Suitability Assessment of NOx Emissions Measurements with PTI Equipment

CITA conference hosted in collaboration with the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU

CITA activities in the USA

“Safer and Cleaner Used Vehicles for Africa” meetings in Rwanda

New study project for the measurement of NOx by GOCA Flanders

New CITA position paper on “Safe Function for Road-Going Micro-Mobility”

The effect of PTI on road accidents in Slovakia

Motorization Management for Development Report

Emission test in Belgium: PN counting

Ensuring lifetime compliance of EVs with safety & sustainability requirements

A new CITA Member from France: MULLER AUTOMOTIVE SAS

The impact of the UI on periodical and roadside inspection


CITA NewsRelease May 2022

Monitoring of NOx emissions as part of the PTI

A new CITA Member from Germany: QM-Verein

A new CITA Member from Japan: ATJ

A campaign to raise awareness about PTI

A new CITA Member from China: JEVOL

GRSF Annual Report 2021

CITA Recommendation no.8: Brakes

CITA webinar “The impact of safety inspection in the US vehicle fleet”

CITA Recommendation no.25: Vehicle Headlamps

75 Years of ITC: “Connecting Countries & Driving Sustainable Mobility”

CITA Annual Report 2021

High-level meeting on autonomous and connected driving

CITA position paper “Access to in-vehicle data”

A new colleague in CITA

CITA Regulation for the Batteries of Electric Vehicles

“Safer and Cleaner Used Vehicles for Africa” project: CITA reports

Final ISA text published in the Official Journal of the EU

2nd Latin American Conference on Nanoparticle Emissions

CITA NewsRelease Oct. 2021

UN Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030

CITA hybrid-conference “Electric Vehicles”

IAMTS & CITA Form Collaborative Effort Toward Automated Driving Systems Lifetime Compliance

Partnership agreement between CITA and EReg

Empirical Study to Estimate the Economic Effects of the Introduction of PTI in Punjab (Pakistan)

UNRSC SIDE EVENT – Halving Road Deaths and Injuries by 2030

A new CITA Member from Africa

Commission Delegated Directive (EU) 2021/1717

“Emissions Tampering”


University degree: “Road Safety in Africa”

New Approaches to Vehicle Emissions Inspections – Part 2

CITA General Questionnaire 2020/21

The 20th CITA General Assembly

A new CITA Member from Georgia

“Inspection of Motorcycles”

CITA GA 2021: Message to Members

CITA NewsRelease May 2021

Introduction of particle counting for PTI in Germany

Progress of the CITA project in TOGO

Implementation report on the #roadsafety aspects of the Roadworthiness Package adopted

Emitech Group joins CITA

Streets for Life Open Letter

2020 EU road death figures

Air Liquide: the new CITA Corporate Member

A TrustCenter to ensure safe automated and connected driving

Systematic inspection of the particulate filter in Belgium

We’re hiring!

The roll-out of autonomous driving in 2021 and beyond

The new CITA Corporate Member Dekati

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/392

PN measurement in PTI: a fact in the Netherlands

“Safer & Cleaner Used Vehicles for Africa” project

New Approaches to Vehicle Emissions Inspections

The new Belgian member of CITA: SA

2020 GRSF Annual Report

UNRSF Newsletter

CITA Topic Area Leaders

How to improve the safety of goods vehicles in the EU?

EC presents its plan for green, smart & affordable mobility

Korean National R&D Center for Inspection of Advanced Vehicles

The inclusion of PLEVs in road traffic

A new CITA Bureau Permanent Member

The new CITA Member from Serbia

“New vehicle safety features from 2022 and successful implementation of turn assist systems”

The impact of emerging technologies on the transport system

The commitment of CITA for #RoadSafety in LMICs

Caucasus Training and Examination Center

Safer & cleaner used vehicles for Africa

UNEP “Global Trade in Used Vehicles” report

NewsRelease – October 2020

PTI Reform Assessment in Georgia & Future Plans 20-21

Status of implementation of Eu regulation 2019/621

4th High Level Meeting on the Connected and Automated Driving

ASAM – CITA: Manifest of Understanding

Strengthening the road safety aspects of the EU Roadworthiness Package

Development of the new vehicle emission standard Euro 7/VII

Implementation of the roadworthiness package

MAHA takes over ATT

UN General Assembly adopted a new resolution on global road safety

Worldwide Environmental, inc. acquires majority shares in Ryme

A new CITA member from Albania

AVIS project – Cameroon

LLC “Nova Management”: the new CITA member

Checking actual CO2 emissions and actual fuel or energy consumption

New ETSC PIN report: “The Impact of Covid-19 Lockdowns on Road Deaths in April 2020”

CITA’s view on the development of a new vehicle emission standard in EU

From driving assistance systems to Automated Driving

A new CITA member from Belgium

The new CITA NewsRelease 


PTI infrastructures used to fight COVID-19 outbreak


Final report of the Task Force on Transport and Connectivity

CITA webinar “Impact of COVID-19 crisis on PTI activities”

The new CITA Corporate member: HORIBA

A new CITA Bureau Permanent Member

Updated survey on the impact of COVID-19 in PTI activities

EC launches a web tool for vehicle registration & roadworthiness documents

Results of the survey on the impact of COVID-19 in PTI activities

CITA is still up and running

A new CITA member from Belarus

TÜV Mobility Conference 2020

3DATX is the new CITA Corporate Member

CITA 2019 Annual Report Presentation

Intertek: a new CITA full member

CITA at the 82nd Inland Transport Committee

Safer and cleaner used vehicles

CITA donation to the GRSF

Road Safety Benchmarking and Regional Road Safety Observatories

GRSF Annual Report 2019

PTI in Georgia and Perspectives in the Caucasus Region

ETSC PIN flash 38

Road Map for Safer Vehicles 2030

GOCA New Year Reception

New General Safety Regulation (EU) 2019/2144

SAFERAFRICA got a prestigious International Road Safety Award

4th CITA RAG C&SA meeting

Mrs. KOUMARE awarded for her performances in PTI

World Bank and CITA RAG AA Chairperson met in Seoul


13th CITA RAG AA Meeting

Greenway: the new CITA full Member

XXVIII Spanish Conference of Vehicle Technical Inspection

New PN measurements for vehicle inspection

The 7th CITA RAG Africa Meeting

Manifesto for fair digitalisation opportunities

The AVIS project in Cameroon

4th PTI workshop

A new member from Africa: LACVIS

CITA 50th Anniversary

The SaferAfrica project final conference

Eu road safety round table

International Road Safety Conference 2019

Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs between Africa and EU

Systech Chile Limitada: a new CITA full member

GVIBA: a new CITA Member from Georgia

Reducing the death toll of road accidents in Costa Rica

Safety inspections for passenger vehicles in Texas

Certification ISO 9001 for CCVA

13th ETSC Annual Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Report

The new Deputy Chairperson of the CITA RAG NA

ETSC PIN Flash report on urban road safety

CITA sponsor of the ETSC PIN report

Changes in the CITA Bureau Permanent

The future of transport: The challenge of new technologies for road safety

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/621

The new CITA SET II Project

4th SAFERAFRICA Dialogue Platform

A new CITA Corporate Member from Korea

#SpeakUp for #RoadSafety

Roadworthiness testing contribution to vehicle safety and environment

A new Corporate Member: Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc.

Mustang Dynamometer, our new Corporate Member

The project L&O is been published!

81st annual session of the Inland Transport Committee

eCall project published by the EC

TEN: a new Corporate Member from the Netherlands

GRSF Annual Report 2018

A definitive PN emission measurement will be used in Belgium

The new chairman of the CITA RAG Europe

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is a new CITA full member

Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018 by WHO

1st African Road Safety Forum

A new CITA Corporate Member from Denmark

Report of the 12th CITA RAG AA

Automated Driving and Road Safety – a Contradiction?

AFCAR debate on #DigtalAftermarket

Mongolian National Road Transport Center obtained ISO 17020

New UN rules established under the 1997 Agreement

The latest CITA Regional Advisory Group Africa

The new edition of the CITA NewsRelease

Workshop on vehicle regulation & PTI

“Automated Driving and Road Safety – a Contradiction?“

New European Coordinator For Road Safety

26th meeting of UNRSC

Beissbarth is the new CITA Corporate Member

Vehicle Inspections: Their Role in Road Safety and Impact on Economic Development

The importance of periodic vehicle emission tests for air quality

African Road Safety Observatory

Vehicle Type-Approval & Road Worthiness Test in Togo

How DVSA changed the MOT tests

U.S.A road safety scores very poor

SSATP Annual Meeting


ETH – Conference

Workshop on Road Transport Emission Reduction

A new colleague at CITA

EU Parliament calls on Commission to tackle odometer manipulation

ITF 2018

European directives 2014/45/ & 2014/47

The new EC’s Mobility Package

CITA NewsRelease now available!

10 years QM-Association

The new UN resolution on road safety

From Japan, a new CITA full member

Manifesto for fair digitalisation opportunities

Roadworthiness Technical Working Group

CITA is officially part of the UNRSC

UN launched a trust fund to spur actions for road safety

EU guide “SAFER ROADS FOR ALL” promotes the SaferAfrica Project

New requirements for tachographs

Call for a strong position on vehicle safety from the EP

AA Ireland: a new CITA full member

A comment on the new Swedish regulations regarding PTI

Summary report of the last CITA event

ATT Nussbaum Prueftechnik GmbH, our new Corporate Member



GRSF Annual Report 2017

The EC’s Road Safety newsletter


Decree on vehicle inspections in Brazil

Public consultation on specifications for Cooperative ITS

A prestigious award for the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

We are hiring!

Developing global targets for road safety

The IRF World Road Meeting

FASeR 2017: African Forum on Road Safety

Informal Working Group (IWG) on PTI

The new Deputy Chairperson for the CITA RAG A

The 11th CITA RAG AA Meeting

RAG AFRICA meets in Kampala, Uganda

Car Exhaust: The Remote Sensing

A day without fatalities on Europe’s roads?


15th EAEC Congress

CCVA: customs clearance of used motor vehicles and equipment used for public works

Applus+ Iteuve Argentina

DEKRA North America: a new CITA Member

OISEVI: the VI General Assembly

Experts Workshop Type Approval

ANCIA Annual Convention

Aeca-ITV 26th National Conference

A smart digital aftermarket and mobility services industry

Keeping the principles of the Treaty of Rome alive in the automotive digital age

A new CITA Policy expert

Regional Road Safety Workshop for Latin America

The new CITA Member from China


The Type Approval Experts Group meeting

We warmly welcome DGT as new CITA member

2017 Knowledge and Training Forum on Transport

A new member from Mongolia

70th Anniversary Session of the UNECE-ITC

A Meeting with a Japanese Delegation

Itevebasa is now part of the CITA family

Vehicle Inspection Handbooks

ATTT: a new CITA member

Last session of GRPE

70th Anniversary of the ITC

The 20th Anniversary of the ATTT

2nd International Symposium on Vehicle Inspection & Certification by ICAT

CITA General Assembly and Conference 2017

The Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

The 3rd CITA Regional Conference of Central and South America

CITA at the conference on the European Accessibility Act

CITA and the African Development Bank

Innovating dialogue and problems appraisal for a safer Africa

SaferAfrica Project

“New Technologies and Disabled Drivers”: a successful event!

Developing Vehicle Inspection in Africa

CITA at BEUC event and T&E parliamentary dinner

XXIX International Baltic Road Conference

4th Workshop on Cargo Securing and Technical Roadside

Fitness check on the car sector in Europe – Vehicles testing and emission scandal

COSBER: a new CITA Corporate Member

The European Day Without A Road Death

“The Role of Multilateral Finance in Road Safety” workshop

Workshop: “New Technologies and Disabled Drivers”

CITA presented its SET Study to a global vehicle emission experts at FIA Foundation

AMSS CMV: a new CITA member

CITA member of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

IMCO-Committee meeting: Approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles.

“The Role of Multilateral Finance in Road Safety” Workshop

Regulation on the new digital tachograph specifications

The results of the 10th CITA RAG AA meeting

CORTE Enforcement Working Group

CITA Workshop: “The Role of Multilateral Finance in Road Safety”

The UN General Assembly resolution on “Improving global road safety”

AECA-ITV: 25th anniversary of the ITV Spanish Congress

CITA and its SET Project at the European Parliament

PTI Workshop in Zagreb

Experts workshop

3rd Meeting of the IWG on Periodical Technical Inspection

10th CITA Regional Asia / Australasia Meeting

Symposium on the Future Networked Car

Road Safety Workshop: Best Practices and Key Partnerships for Road Safety

A new visual identity

The Global Road Safety Facility – GRSF partnership meeting

A new publication by EA, European Accreditation, on PTI

Reducing serious road traffic injuries – a big challenge ahead

2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety

“Together with UNECE on the road to Safety”

WHO’s Global status report on road safety 2015

New CITA NewsRelease available

CITA and CIECA sign a working agreement

CITA and CORTE sign a working agreement

Presentation of the CITA SET Project – Sustainable Emissions Testing

9th CITA Regional Advisory Group – Asia/Australasia Meeting

ANCIA celebrates its National Convention of 2015

CITA NewsRelease. Share your history & ideas


CITA publishes Recommendations on various issues relevant to in-service vehicle roadworthiness testing.

Recommendations are guidelines for best practices developed under CITA Working groups and encourage standardization. Although English is the principal version, most Recommendations are also available in French, German and Spanish.

More infos

Contact us to have access to the documents:

  • R1: Inspection of Vehicles in Categories M, N and O + TN R1: Technical Note on Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • R2: Vehicles carrying passengers (Categories M2 and M3)
  • R3: Relating to the features of measuring apparatus
  • R4: Decisions to be taken with reference to the technical modifications carried out on vehicles in use
  • R5: Inspection of motorcycles
  • R6: Inspection of the installation and operation of LPG equipment for the propulsion of motor vehicles
  • R7: Inspection station equipment
  • R8: Brake testing of heavy vehicles and cars
  • R9 A: Quality system for independent road vehicle inspection bodies not undertaking related activities
  • R9 B: Quality system for road vehicle inspection bodies under the direct supervision of a designated authority
  • R11: Items to be inspected at the roadside, methods of inspection and principal reasons for rejection
  • R12: Verification of road speed limit systems
  • R13: Quality measurement methods for vehicle inspection
  • R15: European database for PTI/RSI purposes
  • R17: Roles of supervisory bodies for vehicle inspection operators (under CITA recommendation 9B)
  • R18: Training and competence
  • R19: Antifraud
  • R20: New Inspection Schemes
  • R21: Port of Entry
  • R22: Guidelines for performing an initial roadworthiness roadside check – in collaboration with CORTE
  • R23: Guidelines on what should lead to more detailed technical roadside inspections – in collaboration with CORTE


Recommendation 10 is no longer published as its content is now part of Recommendations 1 and 2.

Recommendation 16 on “Performance based suspension testing for M1 and N1 vehicles” and Recommendation 14 on “Testing of electronic controlled systems” are currently being developed.