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A new publication by EA, European Accreditation, on PTI

European_AccreditationThe EA, European Accreditation, has recently published a Guidance on the Application of ISO/IEC 17020 in Periodic Inspection of the Roadworthiness of Motor Vehicles and their Trailers. The document can be found here This document is applicable to inspection bodies performing periodic inspection of the roadworthiness of motor vehicles and their trailers as required by EU legislation. It can also be useful for other types of vehicle inspection, such as registration / first inspection and inspection after vehicle modifications.

2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety

citaPost2BRASILIA, BRAZIL (18th -19th November, 2015) The Second Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety, hosted by the Government of Brazil and supported by the the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations was a milestone for road safety: for only the second time in history, government ministers and their partners in key decision-making roles from nearly every country of the world will convene to address road safety. (more…)

“Together with UNECE on the road to Safety”

UNECE2On the occasion of the 2nd High Level Conference on Road Safety to take place on 18-19 November in Brasilia, Brazil, UNECE has just published a report about the Road Safety activities. The paper titled "Together with UNECE on the road to Safety" gives account of the implementation status of the eleven goals the Inland Transport Committee and its Working Parties together with the UNECE secretariat undertook at the start of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, 2011-2020. They have gained further political support in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Click here to read the report. (more…)

WHO’s Global status report on road safety 2015

Global Status Report On Road Safety 2015 19 October 2015 – Geneva | “More than 1.2 million people die each year on the world’s roads, making road traffic injuries a leading cause of death globally. Most of these deaths are in low - and middle - income countries where rapid economic growth has been accompanied by increased motorization and road traffic injuries”, the World Health Organization (WHO) affirms in the report Global status report on road safety 2015. (more…)

CITA and CIECA sign a working agreement

CiecaLogoThe International Motor vehicle Inspection (CITA) and The International Commission for Driver Testing Authorities (CIECA) have established a formal Working Agreement to promote collaboration between the two organisations to benefit their respective members. (more…)

CITA and CORTE sign a working agreement

LOGO-CORTEThe International Motor vehicle Inspection (CITA) and the Confederation of Organisation in Road Transport Enforcement (CORTE) establish a formal Working Agreement to promote collaboration between the two organisations to benefit their respective members. (more…)

Presentation of the CITA SET Project – Sustainable Emissions Testing

SET2CITA is glad to send you below the invitation to attend the presentation of the SET Project – Sustainable Emissions Testing. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are making big efforts to produce cleaner vehicles both to give an answer to the requirements of society and to fulfil approval standards. In order to ensure that the negative impact on the environment and health is as low as possible and to improve air quality sustainably, it is crucial to keep the benefit of the new vehicles’ design during their whole life. This means that malfunctions of the emission system has to be detected during the periodic emission test and eliminated immediately. (more…)

9th CITA Regional Advisory Group – Asia/Australasia Meeting

Participants at the 9th CITA RAG AA Meeting9th CITA Regional Advisory Group - Asia/Australasia Meeting  Tokyo – Japan, 19th June 2015 The 9th CITA Regional Advisory Group Asia/Australasia (RAG AA) Meeting was held on 19 June 2015, at Tokyo Big Sight Conference Tower in Tokyo, Japan being hosted by Japan Automobile Standard Internationalization Center (JASIC). Chairman Nguyen Huu Tri delivered an opening speech to the 9th CITA RAG AA Meeting. (more…)

ANCIA celebrates its National Convention of 2015

anciaThe National Association of Vehicle Inspection Centres of Portugal (ANCIA) has celebrated its National Convention on June 18th, 2015 in Cascais, Portugal, with the theme “Quality of Inspections in Road Safety”. The Convention had the attendance of local authorities: Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária (ANSR), Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes (IMT, I.P.) and Prevenção Rodoviária Portuguesa (PRP); together with foreign and international institutions like AECA-ITV, the Spanish Vehicle Inspection Association, and CITA. (more…)