FISITA World Mobility Summit 2023

FISITA World Mobility Summit 2023

Under the main theme “ Industry Disruption“, yesterday (14 September 2023) the FISITA World Mobility Summit 2023 was held in Barcelona.

Since 2009, this annual event of the technology leaders from many of the world’s leading automotive and mobility brands, has continued to be a highly relevant meeting within the global community, delivering thought leadership and engagement at the leadership level within the member led environment of FISITA.

Several figures from the global mobility industry covered a range of topics, from global economic output in Asia, Europe and the Americas from senior economists in those regions, to the challenges facing mobility technology companies.

Among these figures was the President of CITA, Gerhard Müller, who spoke to the audience about the modern periodic emission test for diesel vehicles.

He explained that although modern combustion engine vehicles are becoming cleaner and more economical thanks to complex exhaust gas after-treatment systems, these must function throughout their entire life cycle. Otherwise, pollutants can increase by a factor of well over one hundred. The detection of manipulated or defective systems is therefore of great importance. For this purpose, periodic testing of exhaust emissions, which is mandatory for all vehicles, is an appropriate means, since vehicles with excessively high emissions of harmful substances are identified and must be repaired.

He introduced the new particle number measurement as a measurement method for diesel vehicles with particle traps. This very efficient and simple method for reliably detecting manipulated or defective particulate filters and has recently been successfully introduced in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

This new periodic emissions test provides a significant contribution to improving air quality, especially in urban areas, he said in conclusion.

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