CORTE Enforcement Working Group

CORTE Enforcement Working Group

LOGO-CORTEBRUSSELS, BELGIUM (24th – 25th May 2016). The Enforcement Working Group and International Workshop with USA Authorities is a two days meeting that CORTE has organized in Brussels. This international event sees the participation of the North American, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), which operates in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The main objective of the meeting is to bring together US and EU organisations active in road transport policies and enforcement, together with the European Commission in charge of road transport policies at EU level. The meeting, in particular, addresses issues related to commercial road transport, the issue of fatigue in commercial drivers, the rules in application and the technology in use (digital tachographs, on-board units, ITS), enforcement practices, exchange of information (digital data) between public and private organisations, and the evolution of the road transport sector in relation to enforcement in the next 20 years.

CITA and CORTE have established a join working group in roadside inspections.

Mr Cobbaut, CITA President, is taking part at the first day of the event, giving a presentation on behalf of CITA on the theme: ‘Roadworthiness for safe and sustainable vehicles in Europe’. In the second day of the event will be shown the report on the latest results of the ‘Road Worthiness Working Group’ made by the two associations.


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