New PN measurements for vehicle inspection

New PN measurements for vehicle inspection

Last Wednesday 6 November 2019 , CITA hosted in Brussels its new workshop titled: “New Particle Number Measurements for vehicle inspection”.

More than 100 participants got together to hear our experts on the latest developments in measuring particle number (PN) during vehicle inspection and roadside inspections.

In the first part of the event, after an introduction of the CITA President – Mr Müller, was made an overview on PN measurement: Mrs S. Limbeck (BASt), Mr P. Buekendhoudt (Vice President of Technical Affairs, CITA and Project & Innovation Manager, GOCA Vlaanderen) Mr A. van Lee  (PTI Advisor, RDW) talked about their own experiences on the matter in their respective countries. Andreas C.R.Mayer (Chairman of the VERT Scientific Committee) concluded this part, showing to the public the results of a three years research project (2016 – 2019) on PN of an international task force.

After that there was practical demonstration using the newest devices in measuring particle number (PN).

At the end of the morning a round table, composed by Mr F. Cuenot (UNECE) Dr P. Dilara (DG Grow, European Commission) and Dr V. Franco (DG Enviro, European Commission) animated the last part of the workshop.


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