CITA position paper “Access to in-vehicle data”

CITA position paper “Access to in-vehicle data”

This new CITA position paper indicates the key requirements for to establish a future legal framework for access to in-vehicle data.

Vehicle safety, security and environmental compatibility must be assured throughout the lifetime of the vehicle, which increasingly depends on electronic components as well as software versions and AI algorithms.

Independent and trusted access to validated in-vehicle data and diagnostic functions for sovereign use cases are the necessary basis for efficient and independent evaluations, e.g., for type approval, roadworthiness testing, market surveillance or research.

This will ensure road safety and environmental compatibility of vehicles well beyond their initial life cycle. At the same time, consumer confidence in new and existing technologies is strengthened and the EU Member States can fulfil their duties to citizens, which include the protection of road users and their privacy, environmental protection, and road safety.

Sovereign use cases are currently not considered in today’s technical implementations, which motivates CITA to propose a suitable concept for a future legal framework.

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