A new CITA Member from Georgia

A new CITA Member from Georgia

The Georgian Technical Centers Union “Technical Inspection for Safety” incorporates Georgian vehicle periodic technical inspection organizations. Members of the Union are periodical technical inspection companies who owns more than 60% inspection lines from the whole industry in Georgia.

The Union elaborates professional ethics rules and responsibility measures for Union members. It coordinates the activities of its members to ensure the stability and efficient development and improvement of the vehicle roadworthiness; this objective can be achieved by establishment of high standards towards premises, equipment, and personnel. It also organizes and provides participation in comparative inspections and experience exchange for its members.

Main goals of the Union are:

  • Participation in resolving issues related to the protection of legal, property and other interests of the members of the Union;
  • Assistance to state authorities and administration in the preparation, approval and consideration of draft regulatory legal documents in the field of periodical technical inspection;
  • Generalization and distribution among the members of the Union of research materials and best practices in the field of periodical technical inspection of vehicles;
  • Forming effective relations among the members of the Union, exchange of information, work experience, human resources of the members of the Union;
  • Development and implementation of joint projects of the Union members;
  • Representation of the interests of members of the Union in commercial and non-commercial organizations and institutions and in governmental bodies.

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