Final report of the Task Force on Transport and Connectivity

Final report of the Task Force on Transport and Connectivity

The European Union and the African Union launched in early 2019 the Africa-Europe Alliance Transport Taskforce to exchange views and deliver recommendations to enhance transport cooperation. The Taskforce, consisting of three clusters – Connectivity and Infrastructure, Road Safety and Aviation – held various meetings from January to July 2019 to deliver tailor-made recommendations involving countries, international organizations, stakeholders, civil society, donors, and international financial institutions.

This final report consolidates the three clusters recommendations, providing a general context overview and reflecting on initiatives to promote cooperation in transport as a whole.

On Road Safety the report brings forward thirteen concrete recommendations to reduce road crash injuries, and addresses five main priority areas, namely road safety management and data collection, infrastructure safety, vehicle safety, safety of road users and post-crash care.

Applying harmonised vehicle standards and the establishment of a reliable system for vehicle inspections are explicitly identified as one of the working areas and CITA is mentioned as key stakeholder for this matter.

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