CITA TAs hybrid meetings in Pristina

CITA TAs hybrid meetings in Pristina

Last week (7-8 March 2023) CITA Topic Area D “Environmental Protection Systems” and Topic Area E “Quality, Training and Confidence” meetings have been hosted in Pristina, Kosovo by our member EUROLAB – QAK

The CITA TA D group, led by Mr. Thomas Ost, had a very good meeting with very interesting information and presentations. To be highlighted is the presentation about the approach and investigations from JRC on NOx at PTI. CITA will try to support the JRC in their investigations and study with its Task Force Emissions.

Very impressive was also the presentations of the host EUROLAB about the numbers and figures from Kosovo, and all their activities and plans for the near future including introducing the emission testing. For the next TA-D meeting in June we will get some more information from Netherland and Switzerland about their first results after the introduction of particle counting (01.01.2023).

The CITA TA E meeting marked the handover of the leadership of the group: Mr. Andreas Andreas Klocke – TÜV NORD and Mr. Jaroslav Olexa – TESTEK a.s. have been named as the new Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

They replace Ms. Eva Morger, who have been leading the TA E and previously the CITA Working Group 3.  We express our sincere gratitude for her incredible leadership over the years. Eva’s contributions to our association have been invaluable and her impact will continue to be felt long after her departure.

Last but not least, we thank our member EUROLAB–QAK for hosting us: the event was successful thanks to their coordination and high level of professionalism.

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