CITA activities in the USA

CITA activities in the USA

CITA USA road safety PTIThis week, in the frame of the RAG North America (RAG NA) activities, CITA President G. Müller, Mr. P. Villari – CITA RAG NA Chairperson, and Mr. A. McIntosh, together with Dr. S. Matthews, presented Dr Matthews’s research on the impact of safety inspection programs in the USA to the Committee of Transports and Infrastructures of the US House of Representatives.

This research study, led by Prithvi S. Acharya, Laila AitBihiOuali, Daniel J. Graham and H. Scott Matthews himself, and sponsored by CITA, is a perfect example of how vehicle inspection is crucial to road safety and saving lives.

Considering that about 6.5 million roadway accidents occur in the United States each year, costing upwards of $240 billion, and causing over 30,000 fatalities, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list motor accidents as a leading cause of adult mortality in the United States.

The report clearly shows that States with periodic vehicle safety inspections have 5.5% fewer fatalities than those without.

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