TEN: a new Corporate Member from the Netherlands

TEN: a new Corporate Member from the Netherlands

TEN Automotive Equipment develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of MOT testing equipment for the automotive industry. As a member of the Andriessen Group, TEN Automotive Equipment has been founded in 1985 and is located in the Netherlands near our capital city Amsterdam.

Throughout the years TEN Automotive Equipment have built on their reputation for reliability in design and quality in manufacturing of exhaust emission analyzers and MOT testing equipment. With environmental issues forever becoming more of consequence and vehicle emissions testing being mandatory in most countries, TEN Automotive Equipment has become one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of MOT testing equipment all over the world.

TEN Automotive Equipment continues to develop and supply MOT testing equipment to major car and equipment manufacturers under license, as OEM in addition to their own brand name. The current range of equipment is marked and is fully approved to MID and individual government legislative requirements in countries where vehicle Periodic Technical Inspection is mandatory.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and meets the highest quality standards. We distinguish ourselves by a no nonsense attitude and short communication lines. We always think along with the client, to find solutions to overcome the challenges provided by our industry.

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