Reducing serious road traffic injuries – a big challenge ahead

Reducing serious road traffic injuries – a big challenge ahead

DG Move1Reducing serious road traffic injuries

The European Commission has increased efforts to cut the numbers of serious road traffic injuries as part of its ‘vision zero’ goal. In the past, much Commission work in this area targeted fatalities. Data collection and the creation of a common EU database on road deaths has been a powerful tool facilitating comparison of trends, development of initiatives and more targeted actions.

Commission study to help identify serious injury prevention measures

The European Commission has launched a study to identify the most common road accident scenarios causing serious injury and to assess influences on injury severity. The information collected and analysed will help national and local authorities to make informed decisions and identify priorities for action. It should also make it easier to identify effective injury prevention measures.

Global High-level Conference on Road Safety held in Brasilia

The second United Nations (UN) Global High-level Conference on Road Safety took place in Brasilia on 18-19 November. The event brought together around 2 200 participants including ministers, UN officials, civil society representatives and business leaders from more than 110 countries. It culminated in the adoption of the Brasilia Declaration in which participants renewed their commitment to the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 and its goal of saving 5 million lives.

Road traffic victims remembered on 15 November

Just prior to the Global High-level Conference in Brasilia was the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, on 15 November (the third Sunday in November each year). It commemorates everyone killed or injured on roads and calls to mind the suffering of their families, friends and others affected. It is also an opportunity to thank emergency services for their work, and to reflect on ways to prevent road injuries and deaths.

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