FISEVI 2024: Advancing Child Road Safety in Latin America

FISEVI 2024: Advancing Child Road Safety in Latin America

From April 10 to 12, 2024, El Salvador hosted the significant Foro Internacional de Seguridad Vial Infantil (FISEVI 2024), organized by the Gonzalo Rodríguez Foundation and the Government of El Salvador. This forum has become a cornerstone event for discussing and advancing road safety in Latin America, especially focusing on children.

One of the contributions to the forum was from Mr. Marcelo Martínez, Chairperson of the CITA Regional Advisory Group (RAG) for Latin America. Representing CITA, Martínez took a prominent role in the panel “Fiscalización y Control,” where he detailed various models of Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) systems. His discussion centered around CITA Recommendation 20, exploring its adaptation to the realities of Latin American countries to ensure compliance with technical vehicle inspections.

The panel also featured significant figures such as Alfredo Alvayero, General Director of Transit of El Salvador, and Juan José Olaizola, Vice Minister of Transportation of Uruguay, who shared insights into their countries’ efforts towards enhancing road safety. The collaborative efforts highlighted the importance of integrating technology with skilled personnel training to enhance traffic enforcement effectiveness.

Diego Coiro of CIEMSA highlighted the need to tailor road safety strategies to the specific conditions of each territory, emphasizing the importance of sharing and exchanging experiences across borders. Meanwhile, Juan José Olaizola discussed Uruguay’s practical application of surveillance tools, demonstrating significant improvements in road safety metrics following the implementation of new technologies, such as extensive radar systems.

Alfredo Alvayero spoke about El Salvador’s holistic approach to road safety, which includes intense public awareness and regulation of driving schools and instructor certification processes as part of a broader national road safety plan.

The forum was enriched with educational sessions led by experts like Fred Wegman, Emeritus Professor at Delft University, who moderated discussions on the need for visibility in law enforcement and the use of automated enforcement technologies. Panels also discussed the integration of various road safety components, such as vehicle safety standards, infrastructure improvements, and legislative measures.

The event concluded with a declaration of commitment to the goals of the UN’s Global Road Safety Plan and the Stockholm Declaration, aiming to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries by 50% by 2030. The declaration emphasized the need for strong political leadership and international cooperation to protect children on the roads.

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