Informal Working Group (IWG) on PTI

Informal Working Group (IWG) on PTI

IMG_20171024_150547BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (24 October 2017). Hosted by CITA in its new office at rue du Commerce 123, the IWG welcomed a group of experts to continuing reviewing the 1997 Vienna Agreement on Periodical Technical Inspections.

The scope of the meeting included the review of the proposals to include new Rules on gas-propelled vehicles and hybrid and electric cars; analyze the consistency between regulations attached to the 1958 Geneva Agreement and rules of the 1997 Vienna Agreement; develop further items,  and exchange of views and information on the national legal system for PTI.

During the meeting, explicit emphasis has been placed on car tampering. Especially the group have debated on the detection of manipulations of engine emission level and technical strategies for countering emission manipulations.

Next IWG meeting will be held on November 16th, within the 173rd WP.29. in Geneva, Switzerland.

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