Workshop on vehicle regulation & PTI

Workshop on vehicle regulation & PTI

A three-day workshop on vehicle regulations and periodical technical inspe-ction (PTI) was organised by the EuroMed Transport Support Project, in Cairo, Egypt, between the 22 and 24 of October 2018, hosted by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior/Traffic Police. The general objective of the workshop was to support the accession of Egypt to the 1997 UN Agreement on Vehicle Regulations and to assist Egypt in effectively implementing this agreement, as well as the 1958 Agreement, to which Egypt is a contracting party since 2012.

The specific objective is to provide the necessary technical assistance and institutional capacity building to competent authorities in order to adapt national legislation to the provisions and practices provided by the 1958 and 1997 UN Agreements and to implement them effectively in their national and international road transport operations.

Mr Eduard FERNÁNDEZ, CITA Executive Director, explained during the second day the experiences and contributions of the CITA to the implementation of the 1997 UN Agreement and its evolution and, more generally, the PTI systems.

During the third day of the workshop, a field visit to the Transport and management Center was scheduled for a limited number of officers from the the Egyptian Ministries of Interior, Transport and Trade and the Egyptian Organization for Standards & Quality.


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