The results of the 10th CITA RAG AA meeting

The results of the 10th CITA RAG AA meeting

President of Kotsa, PhD Mr Young Tae OhSEOUL, KOREA (25th – 26th May 2016). The 10th CITA RAG Asia/Australasia meeting has been hosted by KOTSA in Seoul with the theme ‘New Inspection Schemes’. Korea Transportation Safety Authority has been working for the development of transportation safety management by reducing traffic accident rates in the road, railway, and aviation. Thanks to vehicle safety research, transportation safety investigation research, and advanced transportation information system it aims at developing a sustainable future of transportation.

The event has seen the participation of 120 specialists from 12 different nations. Much appreciated was the participation of the President of KOTSA, PhD Mr Young Tae Oh, the Member of the Korean National Assembly – Mr Sung Tae Kim and the Deputy Minister for Transport Policy & Logistics – Mr Seung-ho Lee.

Different presentation were made by the Chairman of the RAG AA – Tri Nguyen Huu, the CITA Policy Expert of Continuous Compliance – Andrew Cattell, the CEO of Tüv Nord – Dr Robert Plank, the CEO of VINZ – Gordon Shaw, from MLIT (Japan) – Mr Shigehiko Imada and from RYME – Daniel González – Mr. Jin Min Bae, Director of KOTSA.

These are the main subject discussed during the meeting:

  • CITA Strategy and activities with international stakeholders;
  • Vehicle inspection system in Abu-Dhabi;
  • New approach for emission control in Europe and ITS;
  • The inspection system in Korea;
  • New approach for the inspection of emissions in Vietnam;
  • Last developments of the inspection system in Japan;
  • The inspection system in China;
  • The ad-hoc WG of CITA “Port-of-Entry” Inspections;
  • Inspection of mopeds and motorcycles;
  • Activities of the RAG Asia – Australasia.

It is possible download the documents through the new CITA website, by following THIS LINK (ONLY FOR CITA MEMBERS)

At the end of the two days meeting, all participants were invited by KOTSA to visit Sung-san KOTSA inspection center in Seoul and Hyundai Factory in Asan.

Here are some pictures of the event

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