Germany introduces PN measurement for Euro 6/VI diesel vehicles

Germany introduces PN measurement for Euro 6/VI diesel vehicles

In Germany, the particle number measurement for diesel vehicles was announced in 2017 as part of an amendment to the guideline for carrying out the examination of vehicle exhaust gases (AU guideline).

After extensive preparatory work, it has now been decided that the particle number concentration for vehicles with compression ignition engines from the emission class “Euro 6/VI” must be measured as part of the emissions test from July 1, 2023.

From this emission class onwards, this new measurement method replaces the previously performed measurement of the turbidity value. The measurement of the PN concentration represents an innovative measurement method for assessing the exhaust gas behavior of vehicles with low basic emissions. This further increases the quality of the AU. The detectability of defects is improved and it is ensured that the emission behavior does not deteriorate due to manipulation, wear and tear, lack of maintenance or repairs that are not carried out professionally.

The periodic emissions test as part of the main inspection according to Directive 2014/45/EU is an important tool for monitoring and evaluating the emission level of each individual motor vehicle in the EU neutrally and independently over the entire service life by the authorized inspection bodies. Due to the early detection of emissions-related errors/defects and manipulations in the emission control system, it therefore makes a decisive contribution to improving air quality, especially in urban areas in the EU.

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