Open letter to the President of the EU Commission

Open letter to the President of the EU Commission

CITA call on the European Commission, via an open letter to its President Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, to come forward with a draft sector-specific legislation on access to in-vehicle data and functions, crucial for sovereign tasks.

CITA underlines that independent access to vehicle data, functions and resources is a core element in the further development of vehicle testing to keep on fulfilling the sovereign tasks in the interest of road safety along with climate and environmental protection.

Knowing that the EU Commission has decided against passing the impact assessment of a sector-specific regulation on access to vehicle data, previously carried out to the Regulatory Scrutiny Committee for consideration in February; as a result, the work on the legislation could now be delayed until after the European elections in May 2024.

CITA therefore calls for ensuring that the draft can be referred to the co-legislators within this parliamentary term, by the end of the first semester of this year.

The letter was written by the CITA Taskforce “Vehicle Data and Connected Vehicles” and signed by the President Mr. Gerhard Müller.

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