CITA 50th Anniversary

CITA 50th Anniversary

Brussels, Belgium | 24 September 2019. CITA has a long and successful history, and today, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary.

Many things have happened in those 50 years, but our huge ambition to make roads safer and the air cleaner has never declined. Impartiality is and will always be the precondition for our success and this is what makes us unique. The impartial vehicle inspection is more than ever the essential way to guarantee vehicle whole life compliance and to ensure roadworthiness. This is our origin; our main field of work and we are proud of it.

Worldwide crash statistics are still not acceptable. Therefore, we will keep on being the independent expert forum that offers specific solutions for all different regions of the world to help Governments to improve road safety and environmental protection and we are an appreciated member of the World Bank, the WHO and the UNECE. New technologies and automated driving can make road traffic safer and more sustainable in the future, but also new challenges will arise. Adopted testing procedures including vehicle data evaluation are necessary so that individuals and society, as a whole, will not be threatened by advances of driverless vehicle.

CITA members make the roads safer. Everyday and everywhere. Impartial and responsible.

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