CITA AVIS Scoring Manual

CITA AVIS Scoring Manual

This document is the Manual to accompany the Assessment of Vehicle Inspection Systems (AVIS) Tool. It is provided to guide users of the AVIS tools in how to use it, what data is required, and as an explanation of why and how the AVIS Tool uses that data to make an assessment of the inspection systems in a country.

The AVIS Tool has been developed by CITA using the extensive experience and expertise of its membership, which includes various types of inspection systems implemented in many countries and regions around the world. This international outlook has enabled the development of an impartial assessment tool for vehicle inspection systems, that can be used in any country.

Initially, the tool was developed as a concept for Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), to assess their inspection systems and provide guidance on which areas were in need of development, so that efforts to improve them could be prioritised. At this time, the tool is designed to be used by inspection authorities around the globe in their own in-country assessments, or by a CITA expert/team for an independent CITA-authorised assessment. It can be used as a tool for the setup of new inspection systems, for the continuous improvement of existing systems, or at the start and end of a project to demonstrate the progress made.

The goal of the AVIS tool is to provide a transparent procedure to assess the vehicle inspection system(s) of a country, based on criteria that are made publicly available. This involves the evaluation of both the theoretical/legislated framework, and its application/implementation. The criteria used are primarily based upon recognised international regulations, standards, recommendations and studies; and are refined using the extensive experience of the CITA membership.

CITA hopes that the AVIS will be used extensively around the globe to make improvements to the safe-running and operation of vehicles.

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