PTI infrastructures used to fight COVID-19 outbreak

PTI infrastructures used to fight COVID-19 outbreak

We are proud to share these two stories on how some PTI infrastructures have been used to fight COVID-19 outbreak. Two CITA members, VEIASA in Spain – Opus in the USA and Sweden, lent their facilities and staff to the cause. 

VEIASA‘s facilities became, for 35 days, a center for rapid tests to detect COVID-19. Specifically, it was carried out at Peligros PTI station, located in Granada. It is worth noting the company’s close collaboration with the health authorities and the state security forces, as well as the work carried out by VEIASA volunteer workers who voluntarily gave their support these days. From March 26 to April 30, the test was performed on 7,000 people, of whom 735 tested positive. It was possible to attend only by appointment, Monday through Sunday, and only health personnel, state security personnel, and nursing home personnel were on the spot.

Opus actively promoted the idea of using our vehicle testing centers for COVID-19 testing. They made promotions to the U.S. government as well as to our individual State clients. The States of Maryland, Tennessee, and Colorado have opted to use their testing centers for COVID testing. Also, they have received news that the Swedish government has selected one of our PTI facilities to perform COVID testing on medical personnel (probably the list of Countries will continue to grow). Where it is allowed, their well-trained employees assist in directing traffic and greeting people as they arrive. Medical professionals perform the actual COVID test. It has been a great morale boost for their staff to see that some of their fellow employees are on the front lines helping to save lives.

The COVID pandemic has taught us that PTI infrastructure and PTI businesses have even more societal benefit than we initially realized through vehicle inspections.

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