CITA and the African Development Bank

CITA and the African Development Bank

CITA workshop “Developing Vehicle Inspection in Africa”ABIDJAN, CÔTE D’IVOIRE (27 – 28 – 29 October 2016). A CITA delegation, led by Mrs Ferose Oaten – CITA RAG Chairperson for Africa – and Eduard Fernández – CITA Executive director, went to Abidjan – Côte d’Ivoire last 27th October. The main target of the visit was to meet the African Development Bank, with the aim of promoting the role of vehicle inspection and in-use vehicle compliance in the road safety projects they are supporting.

In fact, the African Development Bank is widely engaged in national and multinational road infrastructure projects in Africa. Alongside with the road infrastructure financing, the Bank has mainstreamed the road safety activities to scale-up and consolidate the Bank’s efforts to support comprehensive multisectoral road safety investments in Africa. The Bank activities focus on interventions that generate and transfer knowledge, strengthen capacity, achieve quick and visible results.

The Transport and ICT Department of the Bank has organized a two-day High-Level “Regional Road Safety Workshop” (27-28 October 2016) to bring together top managements of road authorities and road safety lead agencies and representatives of Development Partners working in Africa. The event was attended by about 50 participants from road agencies and road safety lead agencies of African countries as well as development partners working in Africa.

CITA had the chance to make a presentation in this “Road Safety Workshop”: this was a step forward to ensure that in-use vehicle compliance is considered as one of the tools to improve road safety.

The Workshop had also presentations and discussions on a Safe system approach – emphasizing on the design and management of safer road infrastructure complying with road users’ characteristics and behaviour and accommodating errors; on the benefits of using the Manuals (RSM) and on embedding in country systems and operationalizing these Manuals.

Taking advantage of the stay in Abidjan, on October 29th CITA organised a workshop titled “Developing Vehicle Inspection in Africa”.

The workshop, chaired by Mrs Ferose Oaten, was addressed to anyone interested in the development of vehicle inspection in Africa within the frame of comprehensive road safety and environmental protection strategies.

During the day many details about the vehicle inspection activities in Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Mauritius and South Africa turned out. Moreover a very interesting debate was opened about how in-use vehicle compliance should be presented to the international stakeholders, (like international finance institutions, WHO, UN…) in order to ensure that all its potential in road safety improvement is used.

For CITA members: presentations and a video are available on the CITA intranet.

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