CITA and its SET Project at the European Parliament

CITA and its SET Project at the European Parliament

european_parliament_001BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (20th April 2016) Invited by the MEP Mr. Ertug, member of EMIS committee (Emission Measurement in the Automotive Sector), CITA has presented, during a working lunch on sustainable emissions testing, the results and conclusions of the SET study at the European Parliament.

The presentation of the SET Project was made by CITA’s policy expert, Mr. Gerhard Müller assisted by Mr Eduard Fernandez, CITA’s Executive Director that has introduced CITA and its work to the attendees. CITA’s president, Mr Johan Cobbaut, was present at the event.

Kathleen Van Brempt, President of EMIS committee and Michael Cramer, Chair of Committee on Transport and Tourism, participated as well as other MEPs and some assistants at this meeting with great interest.

The aim for CITA was to explain the short term benefit for health and environment of a modernized periodic emission test which is targeting gross polluters by lowering the threshold values for petrol and diesel cars at PTI.  Additionally, Mr Müller has described how an introduction of a mandatory combination of tailpipe testing and OBD reading will give an improved evaluation of the emission system of the vehicle.

The statement also launched was that already the type approval legislation has to contain procedures to enable data access and meaningful checks at PTI: type approval and PTI should form an integrated reality and should not remain two separate worlds. A clear link through availability of data and predefined read outs will be a significant step forward.

During the meeting there was great attentiveness by the attendees to understand in depth how vehicles behave in real life compared to type approval tests. Many questions were asked about what are the conclusions from the SET study for further possible actions.


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