CITA Recommendation no. 26: Suspension Testing

CITA Recommendation no. 26: Suspension Testing

CITA Recommendation no. 1 lists the items that should be inspected during periodic technical inspection of the vehicle, the method of inspection and the principal reasons for failure. Section 5 of CITA Rec. 1 covers axles, wheels, tyres and suspensions.

The purpose of the new CITA Recommendation no. 26 is to specify in greater detail the recommended test methods and equipment for assessing the condition and performance of the vehicle’s suspension as part of the periodic technical inspection.

A general assumption of periodic inspection is that new vehicles comply with legal requirements. The principal aim of periodic inspection is to test whether a vehicle has been properly maintained and is still roadworthy. This recommendation is based on the requirements for suspensions stated in European Union council directive no. 2014/45/EU on roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles and their trailers.

The document has been developed by the CITA Suspension Task Force.

It describes 3 stages:

· Stage I: Describes suspension testing in accordance with the current EU directive 2014/45/EU.

· Stage II: Describes the advanced current or near-future technology. Stage II describes what can be done in addition to Stage I.

· Stage III: Description of possible future tests. Stage III describes what can be done besides stages I and II.

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