A TrustCenter to ensure safe automated and connected driving

A TrustCenter to ensure safe automated and connected driving

The sector of  German testing bodies asks for an independent TrustCenter that acts as a neutral entity to facilitate trustworthy, non-bureaucratic cooperation in data exchange between different players in the mobility sector. This new TrustCenter could administer as well the necessary equal data accesses and thus contribute to solving existing challenges in the vehicle type approval and inspection of highly automated vehicles.

CITA agrees that the political discussion about a European mobility data space does not sufficiently considers road safety, especially with regard to automated and connected driving.

In this context, an independent and trustworthy data sharing and utilization are basic preconditions for safe, highly automated mobility as well as for new mobility services and concepts that make our cities and communities more livable in the long term. In order to ensure operational, road and environmental safety, the software of a motor vehicle as well as its electronic and connected components must not only be checked periodically throughout the entire vehicle life cycle, but also continuously by independent authorized bodies (third parties).

Moreover, they claim:

  • a non-discriminatory access to the original vehicle data by the vehicle owner/user or by third parties commissioned and authorized by the latter;
  • authorities and testing bodies capable of perform sovereign functions;
  • a definition of requirements for a self-determined and fair access to in-vehicle data with respect to data security and data protection.

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