Caucasus Training and Examination Center

Caucasus Training and Examination Center

Last Monday, the 26th October 2020, the Caucasus Training and Examination Center was opened in Tbilisi.

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The GVIBA (Georgian Vehicle inspection Bodies Association), a CITA Member, will lead the programs of the Center defined in accordance with the international agreements.

The project is international in scale and unprecedented in the Georgian reality.

The training center will train hundreds of technical specialists annually (inspector, technical manager, quality manager, special training for drivers and carriers, vehicle conversion specialist, special equipment operator drivers, special training in safety, vehicle expertise and others) creating a guarantee of their employment: studies are planned in Georgian, English and Russian languages divided in theoretical and practical courses for which 1 universal and 6 LV testing lines have been arranged.

6 million Georgian lari have been already invested in the project. However, this is only the initial stage and the volume of investment in the next stages will increase with foreign partners. The center will be fully operated by the end of November.

GVIBA expects to:

• Improve the qualification of technical staff in many fields;
• Raise the standard of technical inspection of vehicles;
• Promote the employment of technical staff;
• Modernize road safety standards.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Secretary General of the Georgian ruling party, the Mayor of Tbilisi – Mr. Kakha Kaladze. According to him, the center will facilitate to the professional level of training and employment of staff in various technical fields: “Today we took note of these works carried out as part of an excellent project. The training process will start in November and the center will have the opportunity to start providing trainings and prepare the future specialists. The fields that have been listed are vital for our city, for our country, especially in the realm of the Capital, when we have initiated a reform in the form of a transportation policy. It will be very important to bring in new staff, real professionals. I was the Minister of Energy and implemented large-scale projects, including the construction of hydropower plants. There were very frequent cases when we had to bring in specialists working on heavy equipment from different countries, because there were always lack of such people in Georgia. This center will facilitate to the necessary training, both practical and theoretical. Certificates will be issued, by means of which people will have the opportunity to be employed not only in Georgia, but also abroad.

Mr. David Meskhishvili – President of Georgian Vehicle Inspection Bodies Association – declared: “Transport is always connected to the health issue and is a one of the major risk factor in the world, so it is necessary for professionals to work in the field of transport. The number of people are killed in road crashes around the world, continues to increase. The number of deaths and injuries is still far too high. The Training Center will be important to provide stability and coherence in funding solutions for infrastructure upgrades and other road safety actions. Progress is impossible without education, which is why 50 people will be trained at the center at the same time under the guidance of Georgian Vehicle Inspection Bodies Association. The center is located in a geographically strategic place. As this is an international project we provide hotel rooms for international partners. The staff trained at the center will receive an international certificate, which will apply not only in Georgia but also in Caucasus Region and other countries. We are a mediator between business and professionals’’.

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