PTI Reform Assessment in Georgia & Future Plans 20-21

PTI Reform Assessment in Georgia & Future Plans 20-21

Last October the 2nd the Georgian Vehicle Inspection Bodies Association (GVIBA) organized a conference titled: “PTI Reform Assessment in Georgia and Future Plans 2020-2021“.

Opened by Mr. David Meskhishvili – President of (GVIBA), the conference saw the participation of the CITA Executive Director Mr. Eduard Fernández who welcomed the delegates with his speech focused on law enforcement.

Topics and presentations of the event were:
• Compliance of European standards with the regulations of Georgia;
• How to improve law enforcement;
• Modern and flexible PTI program;
• Plan for establishment of training and examination International Center in Caucasus Region;
• A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Union of Oil Products Importers and GVIBA;
• How to get the best terms from the insurance company;

Was presented a plan for the successful development of the business and implementation of the European standards.
Moreover, was elected the Chairman of technical committee by participants at the conference. This new committee shall ensure the analysis of problems in the field of inspection legislation and make amendments. Conference made decision to branding PTI stations. Inspection centers will actively cooperate with the insurance company in relation to civil liability insurance. The PTI software which complies with European standards was presented. It concerned innovative plans about personal monitoring of inspectors and refining software.

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