Munich, Germany | 3 – 4 December 2019. Every two years the automotive and supplier industries gather at the TANK.TECH conference to... read more

13th CITA RAG AA Meeting

The 13th CITA Regional Advisory Group Asia & Australasia (RAG AA) Meeting took place in Shenzhen – China, last... read more

Greenway: the new CITA full Member

From 2019 all kind of vehicle registered in Georgia were obliged to pass through tech inspection. (more…) read more

XXVIII Spanish Conference of Vehicle Technical Inspection

CITA President, Mr. Gerhard Müller, attended the XXVIII Spanish Conference of Vehicle Technical Inspection hosted by AECA-ITV (more…) read more

New PN measurements for vehicle inspection

Last Wednesday 6 November 2019 , CITA hosted in Brussels its new workshop titled: “New Particle Number Measurements for... read more

The 7th CITA RAG Africa Meeting

More than 100 delegates participated at the last CITA RAG Africa (RAG A) meeting, held in Marrakech – Morocco, last... read more


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