New Approaches to Vehicle Emissions Inspections

Last Tuesday, Cita hosted a new online event entitled “New Approaches to Vehicle Emissions Inspections.” (more…) read more

The new Belgian member of CITA: SA

The activities of what would later become La Sécurité Automobile began in 1943 thanks to its founders, J. Masse... read more

2020 GRSF Annual Report

Despite one of the most challenging years on record, the GRSF is proud of the progress it has made... read more

UNRSF Newsletter

The new UN Road Safety Fund newsletter is been released. (more…) read more

CITA Topic Area Leaders

  We are glad to announce our new Topic Area Leaders – selected by the CITA Bureau Permanent in consultation... read more

How to improve the safety of goods vehicles in the EU?

Yesterday, 14 December 2020, ETSC organized a PIN Online Talk entitled: “How to improve the safety of goods vehicles... read more


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