New CITA position paper on “Safe Function for Road-Going Micro-Mobility”

New CITA position paper on “Safe Function for Road-Going Micro-Mobility”

The micro-mobility market remains embryonic, however, CITA remains focused on retaining the viability of these conveyances throughout their deployment lifetime and to safe disposal.

CITA feel it is an ineffective, unrealistic, and short-sighted defence to suggest that all existing infrastructure, vehicles, and driver/riders/pedestrians must rapidly change to accommodate the safe deployment of this road-going, inter-modal conveyances .

CITA, through its dedicated Task Force on Micro-Mobility, aims to continue constructive and target-oriented dialogue with relevant policymakers and key industry stakeholders to enable adaption and adoption of revised vehicle approval & continuous compliance examination processes.

We strongly believe that, for the “Road Capable Micro-Mobility” that have been scoped in this new position paper, a conveyance of this capability could safely integrate with the existing mobility and logistics ecosystem within existing infrastructure, while becoming more sustainable, less prone to accidents and increasing overall levels of comfort and meeting individual mobility demands beyond borders.

This would support the ambitious sustainability and environmental targets we support while ensuring user acceptance over time.

The content of this new document will be regularly evaluated as knowledge, capability & acceptance continue to change in this embryonic road-going sector.

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