Roadworthiness Technical Working Group

Roadworthiness Technical Working Group

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (16 April 2018). DG MOVE organized a Roadworthiness Technical Working Group (RWTWG) on Aspects of Tampering With Exhaust Emission Control Systems in Brussels last Monday.

Mr. G. Müller, Chair of the CITA Environmental Protection Working Group, was invited to introduce the results of the CITA/CORTE subgroup on recommendations for Diesel vehicles.

In his presentation he showed three different methods for Road Side Inspection and Periodic Technical Inspection to detect tampering: visual inspection, external measurement and the use of diagnostic functions. To be most effective all three methods should be executed. Many of the diverse measures can even be implemented immediately.

For modern vehicles the current test procedures are not applicable anymore to detect manipulation or deterioration and must be urgently updated. New testing procedures in combination with new measurement equipment are necessary to measure NOx or particulate number (PN). There is also a need to get a more comprehensive access to information already existing in the on-board unit of vehicles. The OEM should be obliged to deliver these OBD information in a standardized version.

The control of the Calibration Identification number and the Calibration Verification number is necessary to detect illegal software versions. Also efforts are needed against the sale of tampering devices.

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