CITA GA 2021: Message to Members

CITA GA 2021: Message to Members

Full and Corporate CITA members have been sent the voting form at the next 20th General Assembly, to be held on June 1st.

We ask them to pay particular attention to the following:

  • The maximum number of voting rights for a single person is three;
  • The persons with voting rights will receive the link to participate in the meeting from the address Please make sure your system does not block communications from that source;
  • Corporate Members are entitled to vote according to agenda item GA20.17 only if the new Articles of Incorporation are approved;
  • New Members will have their right to vote once admitted, according to the agenda item GA20.7.

– CITA expects nominations/proxies until May 28th.

Whereas we do our best to ensure the receipt of emails, you must take all endeavors to ensure that your nomination form reaches the secretariat.

These documents, together with all the material related to the General Assembly 2021, are available on our intranet.

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