Personal Mobility Devices Inspection Manual

Personal Mobility Devices Inspection Manual

The “Personal Mobility Devices Inspection Manual” by AECA-ITV, based on the manual developed by Applus+, provides a comprehensive framework for the inspection of personal mobility devices (PMDs).

Presented by Mr. Daniel Alcalá – R+D Project Manager at Applus+ , member of the CITA Task Force Micro Mobility and member of the AECA-ITV Technical Committee – during the CITA Webinar entitled “E-Scooters,” last 31 January 2024, this manual outlines procedures and standards for evaluating PMDs to ensure their safety and compliance with regulations.

The manual includes criteria for vehicle identification, exterior conditioning, lighting and signaling, brakes, steering, axles, wheels, tires, suspension, powertrain, and maximum speed. It emphasizes the importance of assessing these devices’ condition to guarantee the safety of the occupant and other road users, focusing on aspects like vehicle dimensions, equipment requirements, brake system efficiency, and steering mechanism integrity.

This initiative reflects the growing need for standardized inspection processes as PMDs become more prevalent, addressing safety concerns associated with their use in public spaces.

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