The new Belgian member of CITA: SA

The new Belgian member of CITA: SA

The activities of what would later become La Sécurité Automobile began in 1943 thanks to its founders, J. Masse and E. Nivelles.

In 1946, La Sécurité Automobile (SA) officially opened and established its headquarters in Brussels. Since then, its inspection activities have gradually developed and extended with the gradual introduction of compulsory technical inspection of vehicles.

In 1994, the SA company was approved by the Royal Decree of 23 December 1994, determining the conditions for approval and the rules of administrative control of the bodies responsible for the control of vehicles in circulation. In 1999, following the obligation provided by the European regulations to carry out diesel tests, their stations were fitted with a protective canopy in the entrance car park in order to carry out environmental checks. .

In December 1999, they obtained the ISO 9002 version 1994 certification for the technical control sector, certification renewed every three years since that date. In May 2007 they also obtained the ISO 9001 version 2000 certification for the driving license sector, which is also renewed every three years.

Through its conviction that sustainable development also creates added value in the long term, in 2016 SA management invested to turn its 2 control centers into green energy producers. The SA-Forest and SA-Anderlecht photovoltaic installations together have 599 photovoltaic panels with a total area of 982 m2, resulting in a CO2 saving of over 66 tonnes. They supply their stations and offices with green electricity and inject the surplus into the network.

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