TÜV Mobility Conference 2020

TÜV Mobility Conference 2020

How can we use the potential of automation, digitization and artificial intelligence for the mobility of the future in order to provide more security for people, technology and the environment?

This was the starter point of the second TÜV Mobility Conference, held last 4 and 5 March 2020 at the Cafe Moscow conference center in Berlin.

Delegates from around the world had the chance to discuss possibilities and ways during this constructive meeting, articulated in 3 main topics:

  1. MULTIMODALITY | Make multimodal transport safe
  2. ROAD SAFETY | Measures for the new UN Decade for Road Safety
  3. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE | Recipe for the safe and multimodal world of the future?

Between speakers were participating Matthew Baldwin | European coordinator for road safety and sustainable mobility, EU Commission – Jean Todt | FIA President and Special Envoy for Road Safety of the UN Secretary General [via video message] – Soames Jobs | GRSF and World Bank – Gerhard Müller | CITA President and Ferose Oaten | Chairperson CITA’s Regional Advisory Group Africa.


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