Introduction of particle counting for PTI in Germany

Introduction of particle counting for PTI in Germany

After Belgium and Netherland, Germany has now also passed a law to introduce particle number measurement into the regular emissions testingIn Germany, starting from January the 1st, 2023, the particle number measurement for diesel vehicles (cars and commercial vehicles) from Euro 6 will be mandatory. The new measurement method will replace the opacity (smoke) measurement for the vehicles concerned.

All the necessary prerequisites for introducing the measurements have been met. The new test procedure and the limit value (250,000 cm-3) were validated in a field test on real vehicles. The required measuring devices can be approved shortly and the calibration of the devices is also in preparation.

In the preface to the regulation it is described that “… the measurement procedure and the limit values are checked after 3 years at the latest with regard to possible adjustments to technical progress“, and “… In addition, it must be checked whether the measurement method and the limit values can be extended to vehicles with petrol engine and direct injection“.

In the opinion of the 3 countries, this represents an important and necessary step in adapting the periodic emissions test to the existing modern vehicle technology. The quality of the periodic emissions test is further increased. The recognizability of defects is improved and it is ensured that the exhaust gas behavior is not worsened due to manipulation, wear and tear or lack of maintenance or repairs that were not carried out professionally.

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