We’re hiring!

We’re hiring!

Are you a technology enthusiast? Do you have experience in the automotive sector? Do you believe in the benefits of new technologies for safer and more sustainable road transport? Do you want to work in one of the top international frames to witness and bring your input to the vehicles’ future?

If your answer is yes, we offer a unique position in CITA, the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee, a worldwide non-profit organization gathering authorities and authorized companies in vehicle compliance. More information at www.citainsp.org

Description of the position

We are looking for a Technical Manager with a deep background and experience in vehicle compliance, standardisation, and regulations with a particular focus on the field of ADAS.

This job’s main target is to coordinate, present, and defend the association’s position in vehicle regulatory forums.

Detailed responsibilities

The person occupying the position of Technical Manager will be responsible for:

  • To define with the Board and the Executive Director the activities aiming to set our position in the vehicle regulatory forums;
  • To prepare, present and defend the interest of the association in those forums;
  • To coordinate the participation in the forums with the other CITA representatives, and
  • Collaborate in all other CITA activities.

What we do expect from the candidate

We are looking for a person with technical knowledge and background in the automotive sector. S/He has already fulfilled the 1st part of her/his career and looks for a challenging position with more responsibilities in an international environment. More precisely, we require five years of experience with a strong background in ADAS and, if possible, in the vehicle regulatory field, combining knowledge in both approval and inspection.

The Technical Manager shall have excellent communication and social skills and the appropriate technical background to assess, prepare and defend our views.

The candidate must be enthusiastic, able to coordinate the views of Members, produce and efficiently defend the organisation’s positions in external regulatory forums. The person to occupy this position shall be capable of working both with the team and individually.

We expect evidence and proof of experience as described above.

The candidate must speak fluent English and, in the case of native English speakers, be used to communicate with non-natives efficiently. Other languages are also appreciated.

Working environment

The Project Manager will work together with the three-person team currently managing the Secretariat of CITA and report to the Executive Director. S/he will be as well in contact with CITA Board, our Members, and external stakeholders.

Part of the work will be developed in the CITA offices in Brussels combined with homework. The Technical Manager shall spend a significant amount of time participating in regulatory forums that use to take place in Brussels and Geneva. Additional travel, even intercontinental, may become significant. To be noticed that most of those meetings are becoming virtual.

Are you interested?

If you think this position is for you, send us an email with your CV and explaining to us why to info@esica.cat

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