CITA 2019 Annual Report Presentation

CITA 2019 Annual Report Presentation

Yesterday, Monday 2 March 2020, at the L42 Business Center in Brussels, CITA presented its new Annual Report 2019

At the event were present Mrs Fotini Ioannidou – Head of Unit, DG Move Road Safety, Mr Gerhard Müller – CITA President, Mr Pascal Buekenhoudt – CITA Vice President Technical Affairs and Mr Eduard Fernández – CITA Executive Director.

During the event we had the chance to review all the successful events of the 2019, including our International conference in Seoul, our meetings and conferences around the world, our past and future projects, and of course our 50th anniversary.

We also took a peek on the working progress of the new CITA strategy “Roadmap 2030” and on its impact on CITA’s members. The works on this new strategy should be finish by the end of the current year.

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