From driving assistance systems to Automated Driving

From driving assistance systems to Automated Driving

About 100 delegates from around the world participated – Tuesday 30 June 2020 – at the latest CITA webinar titled: “From driving assistance systems to Automated Driving: the perspective of a technology supplier“.

The event was hosted in collaboration with Intel Corporation.

Self-driving vehicles are one of the major drivers of change in the automotive industry. Automated Vehicles, if putting safety first, could increase vehicle safety and more in general road safety. Owing to the complex interaction of vehicles with the environment and different traffic participants, it is necessary to define formal rules for the behavior of future vehicles, in the testing requirements.

How to address this complexity and how ensure an efficient development and testing of Automated Vehicles?

Together with Mr S. du Boispean, Senior Manager, Automated Driving & IoT Policy, Intel Corporation, we tried to answer these questions.

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