“Future of PTI” seminar in Slovakia

“Future of PTI” seminar in Slovakia

On June 29, 2023 in the city of Bojnice in Slovakia, a seminar for local PTI center owners was organized by our member TESTEK.
Entitled ‘The Future of PTI’, the event was attended by over 70 participants.

CITA attended the seminar represented by its Vice President – Technical Affairs Mr. Pascal Buekenhoudt.

The full program was:

• Ľubomír Moravčík (Slovak MoT) – Possible changes in PTI frequencies
• Pascal Buekenhoudt (CITA) – Future of PTI in Europe
• Marián Rybianský (TESTEK) – Remarks to the 2022 PTI statistics
• Tomáš Mäsiar (TESTEK) – Most frequent problems of PTI equipment inspections
• Jaroslav Olexa (TESTEK) – News from the supervision over PTI

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