CITA Strategic Direction Group

The meetings are chaired by the CITA Strategic Adviser and usually take place prior to a CITA Bureau Permanent meeting.
Strategic workshops with a reduced number of participants are sometimes organized to take forward the activities inbetween meetings.


To set out and maintain the strategic direction to be presented to the CITA Bureau Permanent for approval and to evaluate priorities on the work to be done internally and externally.


Chair: Mr Ron Oliver


Mr Klaus Bierhoff
Mr Göran Dahl
Mr Eduard Fernandez
Mr Pierre Karlsson
Mr Wim Labro
Mr Walter Nissler
Mr Filip Skibinski
Mr Toni Viscido
Mr Mark Warden


  • 4th BPSCSDG meeting, (Venue and date to be confirmed)

Check the CITA Events Calendar for upcoming meetings.
For any further questions, please contact the CITA Secretariat.