EU Commission recommendation on PN measurement for PTI

(Brussels. 20/03/2023) The European Commission yesterday published a recommendation containing guidelines for particle number ("PN") concentration testing during periodic technical inspection ("PTI").

Based on existing methods developed by certain Member States, the findings of laboratory tests carried out by the Joint Research Centre of the Commission as well as a consultation of the Commission’s Roadworthiness Expert Group, this paper represents a first step towards harmonised PN measurement during roadworthiness testing.

This Commission’s recommendation defines requirements related to the PN measuring equipment and procedure, metrological and technical requirements, and recommends a pass/fail limit. The guidelines should be applied to all M and N category vehicles equipped with compression ignition engines and diesel particulate filters:

  • on light-duty vehicles first registered as of 1 January 2013 (Euro 5b and newer)
  • on heavy-duty vehicles first registered as of 1 January 2014 (Euro VI and newer)


WP.29’s 70th anniversary

The UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29), the worldwide regulatory forum within the institutional framework of the Inland Transport Committee, met in Geneva this week (07 - 09 March, 2023) for the 189th session celebrating its 70th anniversary together with the 65th Anniversary of the 1958 Agreement of the UNECE .

CITA, represented by its Technical Director Mr. A. Checa, was present at this important meeting. He contributed to the ceremony with a short speech which highlighted some of the key aspects of WP.29 and some of the challenges ahead.

"As we celebrate this important milestone, we also need to recognize that much work still needs to be done. WP.29 must continue to lead the way in promoting innovation and collaboration and ensuring that vehicles meet the highest safety and environmental standards from a whole-life perspective. From a technical point of view, decarbonization and automated driving are significant challenges ahead. From an institutional perspective, we need to bring the WP.29 to those countries that are not yet part of our family" Mr. Checa declared.


CITA Annual Report 2022

Although 2022 was dominated by global crises, goals and measures to increase road safety and avoid traffic-related environmental pollution were high on political agendas around the world.

With currently more than 250 million independent and valid vehicle inspections annually, CITA members make a significant contribution to addressing these important goals.

On behalf of the CITA Bureau Permanent, the CITA Secretariat would like to thank all of them for their efforts in making our association such a success.

Also, special thanks to all those who, like us, are dedicated to vehicle safety and environmental protection.


The 85th plenary session of ITC

The UNECE Inland Transport Committee (ITC) is celebrating its 85th plenary session this week (21 to 24 February 2023) in Geneva, under the general theme: “Actions of the inland transport sector to join the global fight against climate change”.

This theme provide an opportunity to reflect on the unique assets of the Committee, highlighting its value added and underlining its future potential in curbing greenhouse gas emissions trends from inland transport in a disaster-hit global economy due to the impacts of climate change regionally and globally.


CITA’s view on EU VII

CITA welcomes the introduction of Euro 7/VII to further reduce emissions from road transport, making another important contribution to improving the environment. In particular, the expansion of the relevant real-world driving situations, the limitation of other, previously unrestricted pollutants, as well as the inclusion of non-exhaust emissions and specifications for the durability of traction batteries are very welcome. (more…)

Registration is open!

We are pleased to announce that the registration process to the CITA International Conference & 22nd General Assembly IS OPEN!

The event will be hosted by RDW (The Netherlands Vehicle Authority) from the 6 to 8 JUNE 2023 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

CITA conferences attract hundreds of specialists and policy makers from all regions of the world. The event is a unique opportunity to meet the experts of all fields of vehicle continuous compliance, both from the governmental and from the private side.

Delegates from National and International Administrations, Ministries, Law makers, Vehicle Roadworthiness operators, equipment manufacturers, and other interested parties regularly attend.

This edition’s theme is “Safe and Sustainable Road Transport” and, beside the plenary sessions, with top level representatives of the most relevant stakeholders, you can attend different split sessions:

  • Vehicle compliance in low- and middle-income countries
  • New technologies and data management
  • Environmental protection
  • Corporate Members’ presentations – Inspection procedures and methods
  • Electric Vehicle & New transport modes
  • The Roadworthiness Package
  • Vehicle approval

Full details of the event can be found in the CONFERENCE WEBSITE