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Ensuring lifetime compliance of EVs with safety & sustainability requirements

Due to recent regulatory changes, technological advances, and changing consumer behaviour, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise and will increase dramatically in most major automotive markets. With electric vehicles claiming an ever-increasing share of the vehicle fleet, it is critical to ensure that safety and environmental performance requirements are met through vehicle lifetime compliance. (more…)


A new CITA Member from France: MULLER AUTOMOTIVE SAS

MULLER AUTOMOTIVE SAS is the heiress of BEM MULLER created in 1919 by Marcel Muller in France.

They are one of the leaders of Test and Inspection Equipment for the worldwide roadworthiness market. They propose Products and Full Services dedicated to those markets (Test Line, Pollution analysis, Headlight tester, Hotline, Maintenance contract, etc.) but also, Lifts, Wheel market devices, A/C station, Diag tools. They are able to also propose a full IT system (VIMS) to manage PTI network.

MULLER AUTOMOTIVE : TO 25m€, 160 people (including ATAL s.r.o. our CZ subsidiary)

CITA emissions NOx

Monitoring of NOx emissions as part of the PTI

CITA emissions NOxAfter particulate matter, nitrogen oxides (NOx) are the second largest cause of premature death out of the various pollutants. Within the EU (EU 27), NOx emissions caused 40,400 premature deaths in 2019 and 47,700 in all 41 European countries. Road transport was responsible for 39% of these NOx emissions, making it the largest contributor of this pollutant from all sources. This results in a calculated 18,600 premature deaths per year caused by NOx emissions from road transport in Europe[1] [2]. (more…)