What is CITA

What is CITA

CITA is:

  • Dedicated to improving road safety and protecting the environment and to developing best practice on mandatory vehicle compliance activities;
  • An international forum for exchanging information, experience and expertise related to vehicle compliance;
  • Recognised by the European Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (The World Forum for the Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations – WP29), the World Health Organization, the Global Road Safety Facility of the World Bank and other international stakeholders for its expertise about vehicle compliance.


  • develops best practice recommendations and draft international standards
  • co-ordinates research, studies and investigations
  • organises conferences and seminars
    • inspection methods, standards and equipment
    • quality control, quality assurance and accreditation
    • training for inspectors
    • information systems used to improve inspection consistency and effectiveness

Membership of CITA is also open to:

  • Organisations preparing to become active in the field of vehicle compliance;
  • Organisations supplying test equipment and services;
  • Other associations, organisations, individuals or legal entities interested in vehicle compliance.

CITA’s Mission and Vision

This vision will be supported by CITA’s Mission to provide the forums to create, assess and promote best practice, ensuring safe and compliant vehicles throughout their life cycle.

This mission and vision will allow for all members to play a leading role in shaping the future for sustainable Roadworthiness Inspection & Enforcement in all regions of the world.

Our 5 pillars

CITA seeks to shape an economically sound and sustainable road transport future for its members by adhering to its core 5 Pillar Values:

  • Engagement by all members in CITA’s activities and initiatives
  • Impartiality fostering open discussion related to systems solutions and unbiased methods
  • Knowledge sharing to identify, seek out and disseminate new information
  • Best practice supporting appropriate recommendations following CITA’s priorities and taking into account the local socio-economical and political reality
  • Awareness promoting the expertise of our members to the outside world and offering a platform to our members to exchange and build expertise

Donors and Partners of the GRSF of the World Bank

Operational Structure

  • CITA General Assembly
  • CITA Bureau Permanent (BP)
  • CITA Regional Advisory Groups (RAG)
  • CITA Working Groups
  • CITA Secretariat

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