2013 Conference Online Registration


Online registration for the 2013 CITA Conference is now available to allow you to register for the Conference, workshops and social activities.

During the registration process, please do not click away from the registration page, as this will result in loss of information. If you wish to go back to certain CITA webpages to check further details please use the provided pdf links for your convenience.

All prices are exclusive of VAT at 21%.

Please read the Terms & Conditions prior to registration as they contain important information. By registering for the 2013 Conference, you automatically agree with these Terms & Conditions.

Should you require any assistance or encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact the CITA Secretariat.



The Conference registration fee does NOT include the cost of accommodation (hotel room).

The CITA Secretariat does NOT make hotel room bookings for you !!!!!!!!!!!

Hotel room bookings MUST be made by yourself directly with the hotel in question.

Click here to make your hotel room bookings


Step 1: General Information
Step 2: Company Activity
Step 3: Conference Fees (1)
Step 4: General Assembly
Step 5: Technical Visit (1)
Step 6: Welcome Evening
Step 7: Gala Dinner
Step 8: Workshops (1)
Step 9: Partner Programme (1)
Step 10: Information on Hotel Bookings

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget to book your hotel room YOURSELF. The CITA Secretariat DOES NOT make hotel room bookings for you.