CITA Conferences

CITA Conferences

  • Location and venue, registration facilities and instructions for submitting papers for the upcoming conference
  • CITA Conference formats
  • Past CITA conferences outcomes and speeches

CITA Conference Committee Members will find additional information in the section Conference Workplace (restricted access).

Location and host preferences are put to vote during the General Assembly. Afterwards, the outcome is considered by the CITA Bureau Permanent prior to making a final decision on both venue and host. The hosting of the General Assembly and Conference can be shared between several organizations. Organizations interested in hosting one or both events can inform the CITA Secretariat.

The CITA Conference is a unique occasion to meet people interested or active in technical roadworthiness inspections of in-service vehicles from all over the world.

Delegates from National and International Administrations, Ministries, Vehicle Roadworthiness operators and equipment manufacturers and other interested parties regularly attend. Representatives from International Institutions such as the European Commission, Transport and Energy Directorate, Road Safety Unit (DGMOVE) and the United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe and World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations WP29, often use the opportunity to speak and set out the latest regulatory developments and other topics of interest. CITA conferences have taken place in a variation of locations and regions, Paris – France, Dublin – Ireland, Chicago – USA, Hanoi – Vietnam, Porto – Portugal. Göteborg – Sweden, Berlin – Germany, Seville – Spain
The Conference Programme generally consists of:

  • Technical visit to a station for periodical technical in-service vehicle roadworthiness inspections and / or a vehicle industry facility.
  • Plenary sessions on the conference theme.
  • Workshops on standard subjects such as emission and brake testing etc, but also on specific topics of interest to the region where the conference is being held.
  • Sometimes a post forum tour is organized which might consist also of a technical visit or a country trip.
  • A partner programme is in general available during the two conference days.

The conference usually starts with a technical visit on a morning and/or afternoon session and is spread over 3 days. This may be extended with another half or full day in case of a post forum tour or visit.

The Conference Fee includes lunch, coffee/tea breaks, a welcome evening and a gala dinner. CITA does not organise transport or book hotel reservations. These are not part of the conference fee and must be covered separately by the participants. Prior to registration, please check the program for final details, as each event may be slightly different to a previous one.

Special conditions apply for organizations and companies whose business objective is to promote products and services associated with compulsory inspection of in-service vehicles on a commercial basis but who are not Corporate Members of CITA. These companies are entitled to participate at a CITA Conference on a once only basis and any further participation will require a CITA membership.

Should you have any further questions, please contact the CITA Secretariat.