CITA Secretariat takes care of the day-to-day management and activities for the association. To this intent, it employs an Executive Director, an Office Manager, a Communication Manager as well as an external Project Manager.

Principal Activities:

  • Administrative day-to-day management of the organization
  • Assist in setting out and implementing the strategic direction on a continuous basis
  • Organise and assist the CITA General Assebly, Bureau Permanent, Regional Advisory Groups, Topic Areas and Task forces internal meetings
  • Organise CITA’s International Conferences and events
  • Internal and external communication
  • Issue CITA publications

CITA General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the organization. It represents all CITA Members and meets about every year.

The General Assembly has decisive power of approval for:

  • Budgets and accounts
  • Memberships
  • Modifications to the Articles of Incorporation
  • Dissolution and winding-up of the association
  • Appointment Bureau Permanent Members and the President

CITA Bureau Permanent (BP)

The main objective of the CITA BP is managing the association and continue to give strategic direction between two General Assemblies. The CITA Secretariat assists the BP by taking care of the daily work.

BP members and the position of President are elected at the CITA General Assembly. The BP appoints Vice Presidents.

Principal Activities:

  • Supervise the administrative and financial situation of the organization.
  • Decide on granting the first approval of membership applications. The General Assembly considers the final approval.
  • Supervise the work of the CITA Secretariat, allocate resources for activities.

The Regional Advisory Groups’ objective is to take forward the CITA objectives in their geographically defined region through regionally focused advice and activities. Five Regional Advisory Groups are currently established and more may follow where justified. The chair of a RAG is situated at a CITA member location, within the specific region. For Europe, the Regional Advisory Group is located at the CITA Secretariat.

The current Regional Advisory Groups are:

  • Africa (RAG A)
  • Asia/Australasia (RAG A/A)
  • Central & South America (RAG C&SA)
  • Europe (RAG E)
  • North America (RAG NA)

Approximately every 2 year, CITA holds an International Conference combined with a General Assembly. Location and host preferences are put to vote during the General Assembly. Afterwards, the outcome is considered by the CITA Bureau Permanent prior to making a final decision on both venue and host. The hosting of the General Assembly and Conference can be shared between several organizations.

The CITA Conference is a unique occasion to meet people interested or active in technical roadworthiness inspections of in-service vehicles from all over the world. Delegates from National and International Administrations, Ministries, Vehicle Roadworthiness operators and equipment manufacturers and other interested parties regularly attend. Representatives from International Institutions such as the European Commission, Transport and Energy Directorate, Road Safety Unit (DGMOVE) and the United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe, and World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations WP29, often use the opportunity to speak and set out the latest regulatory developments and other topics of interest.

Organizations or persons can join CITA by filling this FORM

The CITA Secretariat may ask the applicant for additional information or request an identity confirmation.

The CITA Bureau Permanent will then decide if they can grant a provisional membership and membership category. Subject to this BP approval and after having accepted the Articles of Incorporation and payment of the CITA membership fee the organization will officially be granted a provisional membership until the next CITA General Assembly. The CITA BP will then propose the new membership to the General Assembly which will officially put it to the vote.

Any organization or person interested and willing to contribute to the objectives of CITA can become a member subject:

  • Compliance with the definition of one of the CITA Membership categories
  • Acceptance by the CITA Bureau Permanent and General Assembly
  • Acceptance by the applicant of CITA Articles of Incorporation
  • Payment of the membership fee