Membership v3

Membership application

The admission of the Members, excluding Honorary Members, is subject to the following conditions:

• submission of a written application to the Bureau Permanent or the Secretariat;
• adherence to the clauses and conditions of the Articles of Incorporation and any amendment thereto;
• on proposal from the Bureau Permanent, may be accepted by a General Assembly at a majority of two thirds of the quorum mentioned in Article 5.9 of the Articles of Incorporation.
The CITA Bureau Permanent will then decide if they can grant a provisional membership and membership category.

After having accepted the Articles of Incorporation and payment of the CITA membership fee the organization will officially be granted a provisional membership until the next CITA General Assembly.
The CITA Bureau Permanent will then propose the new membership to the General Assembly which will officially put it to the vote.

The Association’s membership is composed of Full Members, Provisional Members, Corporate Members, Vehicle Industry Members, Affiliated Association Members, Affiliated Non Association Members and Honorary Members.

Only Full Members have the right to vote. The Members of the other six categories may attend General Assemblies but do not have any voting rights.

Download, fill and send us back THIS DOCUMENT

CITA membership year covers the period from 1st March until the end of February next year.
Your application is subject to approval. Payment is only due on receipt of the invoice.
CITA communicates to its members mainly by e-mail.
Members are responsible that CITA e-mails are not blocked in their systems.
By signing and submitting this application, the applicant accepts CITA’s Articles of Incorporation.