Workshop on Road Transport Emission Reduction

Workshop on Road Transport Emission Reduction

Last 22 June, on invitation by the European Commission, Mr G. Müller, CITA Vice President Technical Affairs, participated in a multi-country workshop on Road Transport Emission Reduction. The workshop took place in Prague at the Ministry of the environment of the Czech Republic, and was chaired by Mr. Vladislav Smrž, Deputy Minister (Ministry of the Environment).

The aim of the workshop was to exchange information end experiences regarding tampering of vehicle emission systems, and meaningful measurements to detect tampered components.

Mr. Smrž started to explain the impact of road traffic on air quality, and he showed the importance of clean vehicles.

Afterwards, Ms. Milena Machalova (Ministry of Transport, Czeck Republic) informed about the current activities in their country, like the new centralized register to evaluate the emission tests or the reduction of the limit for smoke emission for EURO6 diesel vehicles (K-value max. 0.3 m-1). Mr. Peter Lenďák, Director of S-EKA – Technical Service, stated that also Slovak Republic reduced the threshold for the K-value to 0.3 m-1 for the periodic emission test.

Mr. Müller introduced the main results of the studies and investigations conducted by the CITA emission working group to modernize the periodic emission test (SET I and SET II Project). He also presented the recommendation from CORTE and CITA regarding anti tampering measurement. Most of these measurement can be implemented on a short term perspective.

In the subsequent discussion was shown that for a meaningful evaluation of emission after treatment systems, a modernization of the current periodic emission test for diesel and petrol vehicles is urgently needed.

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