Vehicle Inspection Handbooks

A review of available vehicle inspection handbooks is been undertaken by a CITA member: AECA-ITV. (more…) read more

ATTT: a new CITA member

We are pleased to welcome the Autoridad del Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre from Panama (ATTT), as a new CITA... read more

Last session of GRPE

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), established in 1947 by ECOSOC, it is one of five regional... read more

70th Anniversary of the ITC

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (20 – 24 February 2017). The seventieth anniversary session of the ITC, is scheduled to take place... read more

The 20th Anniversary of the ATTT

Founded in 1996, the Agence Technique du Transport Terrestre (ATTT) is the public agency managing the inspection system in... read more

2nd International Symposium on Vehicle Inspection & Certification by ICAT

After the success of the 1st Symposium, and in order to continue the endeavour towards further creating awareness on... read more


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