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CITA TA Meetings in La Coruña: A Comprehensive Overview

On the 9th and 10th of April 2024, CITA held its Topic Area A, B, and C meetings, a momentous occasion graciously hosted by APPLUS+ at their ITV Espíritu Santo - SYC Applus+ facilities in La Coruña, Spain. This gathering of experts, government officials, and industry leaders marked a significant event aimed at enhancing vehicle compliance, safety, and environmental protection through collaborative discussion and innovation.

Day One: Focus on Research & Development in Vehicle Compliance
The meetings commenced on April 9 with Topic Area A – “R & D vehicle compliance,” highlighting the advancements and challenges in the realm of vehicle inspection and compliance. A presentation was delivered by Alberto Zalvide, General Manager of Applus+ SYC, who detailed the unique aspects of the Galician vehicle inspection network, particularly its use of mobile units to serve low-density population areas effectively.

The official opening by Mr. Nicolás Vazquez, General Secretary of the Industry of the Galician Government, underscored the Galician Government's support for CITA's efforts. He emphasized the critical role of vehicle inspection in ensuring safety and environmental conservation, setting a positive tone for the sessions ahead.

The day proceeded with updates on the CITA Task Forces, covering crucial topics such as Type Approval, Vehicle Data, ADAS, Roadworthiness Package, and Electric Vehicles. A significant discussion revolved around the R155 amendment regarding vehicle OBD information access and the necessity for a CITA response to mitigate cybersecurity risks, with a commitment to draft a document outlining the amendment's impact.

Further, updates on EU/ECE legislation provided insights into recent regulatory changes, underscoring the global nature of vehicle compliance and safety standards.

A technical visit to the "Laboratorio de Frío de Galicia" showcased Applus+'s commitment to innovation, offering CITA members a firsthand look at state-of-the-art facilities for testing vehicles transporting perishable goods. CITA members could also enjoy a real car inspection in order to know how the inspection works in Galicia.

Day Two: Enhancing Vehicle Compliance and Engaging in External Affairs
The second day divided its focus between optimizing current vehicle compliance (Topic Area B) and delving into external affairs (Topic Area C).

In Topic Area B, discussions covered practical aspects of vehicle inspection, including brake fluid testing in Norway and dynamic light testing. The session also highlighted the interconnected work of various CITA Task Forces, emphasizing collaborative efforts to enhance roadworthiness, lighting devices, and brake systems.

Topic Area C transitioned the conversation to CITA's strategic positioning and advocacy efforts, particularly in anticipation of the European Parliament elections in June 2024. The presentation of CITA's manifesto by Executive Director Eduard Fernández offered a strategic vision for engaging with the upcoming EU institutions mandate. Discussions on lobbying efforts, the PTI-Directive Process, and national-level involvement of CITA members provided a comprehensive overview of CITA's external affairs strategy.

The meetings in La Coruña were not only a testament to the collaborative spirit of CITA and its members but also a reflection of the ongoing commitment to advancing vehicle safety and compliance standards globally. Through productive discussions, technical visits, and strategic planning, the CITA meetings hosted by APPLUS+ in Spain have set a constructive path forward for addressing current challenges and future opportunities in the vehicle inspection industry.